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“If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”

      The central focus of this writing is to provide an overview into the vision, insight, and expertise of aspiring district 74 representative Lisa Stortstrom.   Some of the areas concerning Lisa are: environmental issues, human rights, healthcare, and public health.  These areas are all interrelated, and critical to the wellbeing of the people of Florida.  Lisa’s background as a teacher for those with special needs, makes her uniquely qualified to provide a humanistic approach to the work she will be performing within the Florida Legislature.   

      With respect to the current neglect and destruction of Florida’s environment, it should be noted, and understood that; protracted repetition with its seductive dollar sign, will inevitably lead to a negative outcome.  The monetary gains of the few should not be allowed to negatively affect the wellbeing of the many.  However, the degradation of Florida’s water, land, and wildlife can no longer be ignored. 

      Lisa has been active with the clean water movement.  Lisa is also in support of The Florida Climate, and Economic Defense Initiative, which supports the implementation of environmentally focused legislature. This initiative, which will help the environment, will also generate new forms of employment within the nascent green industry.  Florida, with its current [and ever expanding] population of 29,271,272 million is the third most populous state in the nation, and as such, has a responsibility to create, and implement new and innovative policies that will be of lasting value to the state of Florida and beyond.  On many levels the upcoming 2020 elections is of critical importance, so voting is an imperative.

“If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”


Neal Peart

Compiled by: Janet L. Fennessy

The Florida Climate + Economic Defense Initiative

      For decades our Florida state government has been run by Republicans. They do the bidding of corporations and developers. Their plans haven't worked out so well for you, the citizens. Their policies leave you and our environment vulnerable to the ravages of corporate pollution and massive sewage spills that fuel red tide, algae blooms leading to  fish kills, polluted waters and lands. Our communities have been paralyzed and our businesses damaged by these actions.

     As part of my pledge to you, I have signed on to the most comprehensive climate change measures ever drafted, the Florida Climate and Economic Defense Initiative along with my fellow Democratic candidates, We are pledging to introduce legislation that proposes actual plans to protect our environment and fortify our economy with green energy. That means jobs and a better economy for you and your family.

     Thank you for supporting my candidacy so I can make the change we all need. in #OurFight. #climateaction

People’s Rights 
Environmental Sustainability 
Medicare and Social Security
Clean Water
Gun Safety
Living Wage