"Every person has a voice and rights. As a yoga instructor for people with special needs and a State Representative, I will advocate for these beautiful people and other discriminated populations."  ~ Lisa Stortstrom, Candidate for Florida State House District 74
Lisa's  Most Critical Issues

Peoples’ Rights 

All deserve to be treated with dignity and respect without regard to age, gender or skin color. Women, LGBTQ citizens, people of color and those with special needs. Lisa will work to insure the rights we are guaranteed in the Constitution are available to all.


Stop rampant development of sensitive lands with strong support of zoning rules. Institute impact fees and set limits on rezoning to direct a more sustainable growth policy. 


Living here you are never far from a beautiful park, a place to swim or boat. The Gulf, bays, rivers, creeks and lakes are not just places for fun. They are an important part of our economic engine. Lisa will work to make sure these vital resources are safe can clean again. Algae, red tide and other invaders need not bloom if we stop feeding them with toxins and waste.


A free, accessible, inclusive, fully-funded education system with teacher retention programs. Private schools are an option for families who choose that for their children but they should not be funded by draining the resources of our public school system. All students deserve the best education regardless of their economic status.

Living Wage  

Financial security with fair pay strengthens our economy. No one who works a full time job should have to rely on welfare. A higher minimum wage will lift all families and widen our tax base. Lower wage earners put back more of their income into the economy. Lisa will work to insure a living wage and better jobs for all Floridians.

Medicare and Social Security 

Plans we pay into so that older Americans and children who lose parents have income in retirement or when disabled. Lisa will do all she can to insure that as a Floridian, you receive your fair share. Medicaid Expansion is money waiting for our most vulnerable citizens being left on the table. Lisa will vote in favor of receiving those funds and expanding Medicaid.


Clean water is essential for life. Revitalization of pipelines, waste water systems and run off management are key. Our precious wetlands and estuaries can no longer be places for dumping of industrial waste and chemicals that poison our environment. These nurseries of the sea are indispensable commercially and ecologically to life here. Lisa will be diligent in meeting the goals of a healthy environment so that we can all see a bright future. Developers will be held to follow nature’s rules, not circumvent them.


Healthcare is a right that makes moral and economic sense. Lisa will work to expand Medicare and support the Affordable Card Act. Develop and implement programs for people with disabilities. Healthy citizens are a boost to our economy. Sickness and misery are a drain on us all. Being tied to a job because of insurance is not any way to live.

Gun Safety

The Second Amendment protects the citizens’ rights to keep and bear arms as part of a well ordered militia. While the meaning of this has been debated endlessly, Lisa believes that reasonable controls make sense, especially around school safety. Many things in our lives are regulated by government for public safety. Guns should be included, especially automatic weapons and weapons of war.