Early Voting Starts Tomorrow. Will I see you there? Let's win this!

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

I am running for Florida State House District 74 to preserve the natural areas of our beautiful state and our American qualities of life. Restoring civility, respect, and an appreciation of all Americans is important to the fabric of our society. I will work to provide careers of the future with schools that train students with the skills to achieve those jobs. My first career was in schoolteaching for 22 years, when funding was adequate and working conditions were fair. Now, I am striving let me know what issues matter most to you and your family. If you would like a beautiful sign to post in your yard, they are available at the Northport Democratic Office. Please read more about me at www.electlisastortstrom.com. Vote by mail or in person. I look forward to meeting you and serving the community of Florida State House District 74. Find out more about me at www.electlisastortstrom.com. Donate on site or at https://secure.actblue.com/donate/this-is-better-leadership--1. Thank you. #tmmt

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